CityRail must swing both ways

“CityRail ticket machines are so homophobic. I’m sorry my $10 note isn’t straight enough for you.”

There will eventually come a day when robots take over the world. But I refuse for today to be that day. Who ever thought that machines would take over the world with their fussiness? I had always envisioned it to be something similar to the film I,Robot in which anthropomorphic robots turn rogue in a dystopian society and obviously I would play the role of agent Spooner.

Unfortunately that is in another time, place and universe.

Since when do machines have the right to deny money, especially with CityRail and their whole re-branding to “Sydney Trains?” I want to use my money to purchase a train ticket and you won’t accept it because it’s too crumbled up!? But what about the day before when you were so eager and happy to take my money. Have your feelings changed?

Whatever happened to this so-called Opal card, I mean they’ve been talking about it for the last 2 years. Yes, the Opal Card is working at the moment-for those travelling on the city circle! I’ve never actually seen anybody use an Opal card before and who actually would since then you can pretty much walk to those train stations around the city.

For those who don’t know, CityRail is in the middle of re-branding at the moment and I guess it’s because they eventually became sick and tired of all those “Shitty-rail” jokes (refer to reasons here I mean there’s really no puns you can actually use for “Sydney Trains” to reflect its poor transportation system anyway.  Nonetheless, if there was a perfect time, place and reason to call CityRail gay, it probably would’ve been today.

IF CITYRAIL TICKET MACHINES COULD JUST ACCEPT MY CRUMPLED UP NOTE THAT'D BE GREAT | Generated image from memes,that would be great generated with the Imgflip Meme Generator



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